Wednesday, September 8, 2010

..::2010 VA Fashion Awards Promo Piece::..

Studio 76 2010 VA Fashion Awards Promotional Piece from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

For this years Studio 76 promo Visually Inklined decided to team up with Dexter D. Cohen and his amazing photographic skills to create a collage of beautiful diverse footage showing the range, caliber and professionalism of the models associated with Studio 76 as well as to promote their 2nd annual fashion awards show. Filmed over a two week period with a variety of set ups and models.

Directed by Kory Smith and Dexter D. Cohen

Directors of Photography: Dexter D. Cohen and Samuel Rogers

Here's the list of the nominees for the 2010 VA Fashion Awards (list courtesy of


Up & Coming Designer - Ready to Wear
Crystal Woodard - LegTalkInc
Marquita Bianca - LegLovers
Deborah Cooper - Dee Couture
Brennan Crick - Rebel Club International
Anton Vitkovskiy - Vernato

Up & Coming Designer - High Fashion/Couture
Stephon Stallings - Vintage Hazel
Domonique Riddick - Fearful Clothing
Searra Eleece - SetCSexy Designs
Michael Taylor - Michael Taylor Couture
Mikasa La'Charles - Mikasa LaCharles Fashion

Best Female Model
Victoria Goldberg
Natalia Caruso
Alyssa Danilova
Letitia Crawford
Taylor Heskett
Loren Dixon
Sidney Franklin
Seiko Ablett
Jarra Goodridge
Bethany Barber
Leslie Ore

Best Male Model
Dominic Bailey
Ricky Godette
Woodson Dagobert
Jeremy Ocheltree
Dimitri Irshinskiy
Reuben O'Shea Russell
Rayshun Johnson
Andrew Paterini
Brandon McCain
Mark Barbara

Best Hair Stylist
Joie Wallace
Lamont Wagstaff
Alice Olson
Phillip Bernier
Natasha Fairbanks
Briana Altomare

Best Make Up Artist
Nita J
Carmen Thomas
Rondell Johnson
Victoria Goldberg
Phillip Bernier
Sophia Kelley

Best Photographer
Mariaelissa Littles
Lee McDowell
Allen Stephenson
Jubert Gilay
Alex Navas
Dawnita Alston
Cris Schafer
Ira Morris
Dexter Cohen
Shon D

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